Easy Easter Eggs | DIY

 Hello everyone! I know that is after Easter now, but I though I still post this article. I feel you can still decorate your house with it for spring, because spring is still here. Or you can use this trick next year.
 Because I didn't have any egg colouring at home, I was wondering what to use. That is the moment how this idea was born. You need just a few tools.
 I am sorry for the bad quality of the upcoming photos. A storm decided to came over and ruin the perfect moment for taking these pictures. What I did is I took a little lamp which normally stands on my desk. Welcome little lamp lighting. I hope you still enjoy this DIY.

What do you need?
Empty Glass
Nail Polishes (of youre choice)

Step 1
Prepare how many eggs you want to decorate.

Step 2
Take a knife and gently do a little holes on the top and bottom of the egg. Be careful not to crack it.

Step 3
Make sure you always have prepared empty glass on the egg insides...that sounds disgusting...Now blow into one of the holes, until the egg white and yolk are out and the egg is empty.

Step 4
Thread the egg on a stick.

Step 5
Paint your egg with your previously selected nail polishes. What I love about this is that you can choose whatever design you want. Every egg is original. I decided to make mine with flowers...what a surprise!

Step 6
 Let the nailpolish dry first, when you dome with coloring.

Step 7
Now is the right time for hairsprey. It preserves the nail polish and also gives the egg nice glossy look.

I hope you had fabulous Easter!

Love life,

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