Vienna: Part 2

 The second part - Vienna went dark. It was already evening. I love when the decorations lit up. It is so breathtaking! Streats were full of people and you could only hear the buzz of their voices and Christmas carols playing in the background. I adore these huge chandeliers they put up every year on the streets. It makes the city center look all festive and fency

 On Stephansplatz I got Apfel-Birne punsch, which was really tasty. And than we head off to the Rathaus. We walked through Kohlmarkt (street with luxury shops) and Hofburg. We were so tired, however we managed to sit down on a bench for a while in the Rathausplatz. I always admired those big light up ornaments, which they hang up on the trees! After that we walked through the markets and went (to warm us up a little bit) into the Rathaus, where we sat another half and hour.  

 We were so hungry! That is why we decided to go back to Stadion (there is Student Agency bus station) - for dinner Well...it wasn't that easy as we thought. Most of the restaurants and fast foots were already closed because of the holiday (it was something about 8pm). Despite that, we found an Italian restaurant. We got only one pizza for both of us (lets be honest here - I can eat only three pieces and tha I am full) and just some mineral water. The owner of the restaurant was so nice! He was smiling all the time, and we chatted a little. I really enjoyed the meal and ambience. 

 Me and the owner shook hands, wished a nice holiday and because we still had a lot of time, we headed off to Praterstern. Immense amusement park.We just quickly walked through and I also found my buddy clown (who was a little bit scary). In the dark it all looked like a scene from some horror movie. I expected some man with the saw to appear behind me and than me runnig from him - screaming. (haha!). This was the last place I had planned for us to visit. We got back to Stadion and waited for our bus - totally exhausted, but it was worth it!

Swarovski - shop window

I tried to look just like him...


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