Melancholic Golden Hour

 Yes, autumn is closer to us with each minute, so you can't blame me to feel a little bit melancholic and depressed. I cannot event explain how these photos became so sadly-looking. I kind of like them tho. 

 I don't know why I do not take more photos on the field. It has something. Some soul. For many months it was field full of life and than came the harvest. Yeah, this post is definitely more depressing than I intended.

 Anyway, how do you like the new design of this blog? I am so happy how it came out! It is way more simple and that is probably the main reason why I like it so much. In my opinion the heart adds a little bit of playfulness, which I feel is adorable and definds me as a person. Adult girl, who still feels like an innocent child, yet still tries to be the grown up and responsible person. That is totally me, guys...

 I totally fell in love with this lacy top from Zara. It is elegant and peplum and so girly - it was just love at first sight! This top is longer in the front and shorter in the back which I think fits my little body perfectly. In this look I am also wearing my favourite pair of jeggins of all times from H&M. They are so stretchy and comfy! I think I will buy them in more colors.

Lace Shirt // Zara
Jeggins // H&M
Ankle Boots // F&F
Earrings // I am
Watch // Chaika (Vintage)
Nail Polish // NYC 325 'Raindrop'
Lipstick // Essence 04 'On The Catwalk'

Let's finish this post with a little bit of happier-looking photo. I don't want you to feel depressed because of me. 

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