Keep your body hydrated | My 5 Favourite Moisturizes

 It is the time of the year, when my skin gets way too dry from cold. Because I like my skin nicely smooth and hydrated I have at home a huge amount of moisturizers and creams. I am not affraid to say, that I am kind of addicted. I want to share with you some of my favourites. Five, to be exact. Three products for face - face is the only one part of the body that is exposed to the cold the most - than one hand cream and one body moisturizer.

Nostalgy, home, safety, family...this is how this creme smells. I discovered it in a small drugstore in Brno and - God help me - I want it to stay on my shelf above the sink for the rest of my life. I had such a low expectations. However I was so so wrong! It sinks nicely into your skin and keeps it hydrated all day long. I personally use this cream at night, because it has more of thick consistency. Now - every morning my skin looks brighter and "happier". Naturally glowing and ready for the long, tough day.

You already know how in love I am with this product. I feel like I am rambling about it in every post. Yay for no spots guys!

Let's by honest here. It is my first eye cream ever so I cannot compare it with others. It is not completely a product you would kill for. No magic. However I can tell you it helps my dry under eye area a lot. It sinks in nicely, no burning eyes, no harsh perfume. I can definitely tell when I forget to use it. Especially in the morning when the skin in my under eye area is too tight.

I discovered this treasure probably two months ago and I can tell you, it's a bargain. It smells so nice and comforting. My bed time routine would't be the same without this little guy. Okay. Maybe not that little...

The best body moisturizer ever! It smells like spring and warming spices. I could smell it for the rest of my life and would not get sick of it. The consistency is all right and I can tell you, once you try it, you fell in love with it in less than a second. I don't care that my boyfriend doesn't like that smell. I LOVE it. When I am in the UK I am definitely buyng the whole packaging. Now I only have a travel size and I actually forced my best friend to get it for me. (Love ya, alligator!) So sorry for rambling in this article. I am sending you a huge apology for my behavior (writting). Now let's talk about how silky my legs are after using this incredible product. I could not believe how silky they were after trying for the first time. Now it is a must-have before going to some special event.


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