Wonders of Valencia: Spain - Day 3 + 4

I have to admit, these pictures from Valencia are my favourite from the whole trip. This city has charmed me. Maybe because of the mesmerizing balcony and its view, thanks to which I felt like a girl from cliché and very romantic Hollywood films or the market (Mercat Central de Vàlencia) with amazing food...I cannot express how much I miss paella with artichokes and sweet horchata. And imagine this: The beginning of April and you don't even need to wear a jacket! Despite that, the sea was still super cold, so no swimming for us. We didn't mind actually, we were just excited to be near the sea again. We only quickly wetted our feet in that freezing cold water and took some pictures.

The next day we went on a free walking tour. Our tour guide Miguel was one of the best tour guides in the world - I mean it. You have to love the person, who showes you, where to get food for free.

In Valencia you can find a lot of signs in front of the restaurants which say: "Agua de Valencia" Every time we saw it we thought: "What the hell is so special about the water here?" Well, during the tour we found out. It is no surprise that the alcohol is involved. The drink consists of vodka and fresh orange juice, so nothing new. Good old vodka&juice. However, you need to be careful and find a place, where they are using freshly squeezed orange juice and not the one, which you can buy in the supermarkets.



Chasing the Viewpoints Of Barcelona: Spain - Day 2

Could it take me less than half a year to post this article? I don't think so. It's kinda funny that everytime I feel a bit lost and not myself, I always come back here. I have to admit it's comforting to listen to autumnal songs and hit the keyboard with the tips of my fingers. I like the sound of it. It's like playing on some musical instrument. Maybe that's why I like it so much. 

Ok, now, a huge shift to totally different place (geographically wise). Barcelona. Day 2. Tiredness was real. Excitement too and it was bigger than our exhausted bodies. Back to the place, where we first got off the bus the previous day - Plaça d'Espanya. This time we went by metro. It is better than hour and a half of walking to be honest. The place we thought was still used as arena was a shopping mall (Arenas). Better for us, at least we could have had coffee on this cloudy and rainy morning.

Then it was time to explore the city, not only the coffee shops. We wanted to see the view from the Palau Nacional. There are escalators, so you don't have to climb the hill, which saves a lot of time. The view was incredible. We had to wait some time to take the perfect picture and selfie, because in Barcelona, there are too many turists everywhere, but in the end we managed to do it.

After that we wanted to see the castle. Instead of paying for the cableway, we decided to go by foot to the top. And I can tell you, we almost got lost, but what we got was beautiful! On the way we came across some magnificent flower gardens. The view from the Montjuïc castle was even better than from the Palau Nacional. On one side blue sea and on the other the sea of buildings.

And of course we couldn't leave Barcelona without seeing the very impressing Gaudí's city - the very famous Parc Guell. I can tell you, everywhere you go, you pay a lot in Barcelona. Everything that used to be for free is super expensive now. As a poor student, I don't want to spend 20€ on these beautiful gardens, which I can see from the not very distance anyway. But if you have the money, go for it! However, the gardens are beautiful, I'm bowing in front of Gaudí's work. I loved every part of it. You can also climb to the top of the hill and you can find another incredible viewpoint! Me and girls - we were pretty proud that we found this place and managed to climb all the way up.

Hungry? In Barcelona there are many 100 Montaditos with Euromanía on every Wednesday and Sunday. Only two days for Barcelona are not enough in my opinion. There is so much to see and I hope that one day I'm gonna be back.