New Year's resolutions: 2014

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I really need to start to be more positive. New Year, new start...at least that's what they say, right? And what most importantly, I want to share my positivity with people. Just to be nice. To me and to other people. I desperately need put some believe in myself. We all should. Insecurity controls the world....believe in yourselve, be grateful for everything you have right now, enjoy the moment and think positively! :)

With the Nev Year, I decided to try once more something I did in the past. Writting blog was once my passion and I want revive it so much! New experiences are allways good...I think. Well, whether they good or bad they offen put us on the next level of our lives, if you know what I mean. That's why I made decision to make some videos and put them on youtube. Now I know, that editing takes a loads of time and efford. Despite everything that stood in my way, I still love it. By the way, there are new videos comming for you! I hope you will like it. God, I worked on it so hard!
There will be videos comming up every weekend, so stay tuned! :)

As I am VERY lazy pearson, I pursuade myself to do something, be more active you know? And also eat healthier. Over the Christmas break I ate too many sweets! Yeah, the guilt is here now...
I am allways stressing out so much about school and work, that I forget to relax, take a breath. I got for Christmas yoga matt (Yaay! :D ). Now I can properly relax by exercising at home! I am very excided to finally start off with yoga.

This is more goal then resolution I think. Last spring I was with my best friend in Venice. Just for a one day, but it is still one of my best adventures of my life. I want to see more places, be overwhelmed by them...
This year my travelling goal is Toronto. This city attracts me for the longest time!

Most of the days I spend at school, work, dramma class...and I love it! But then I reliase that my family don't almost see me at home. It's like punch in the face. This year I am going to spend more quality time with my family/friends. We have to enjoy any second with our closest. Things will be there forever, but people won't. That is the reality. I want to appriciate every moment with them.

I am sorry, I didn't expected to be so serious. Just be greatful for your life no matter what it brings to you. Relax, enjoy every moment, do what makes you happy. I wish you successful year full of love and happines!

What are yours New Year relosutions/goals? :)
Love life!

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