WeekEND in fragments II.

Weekend spent somewhere else than Brno felt really good.České Budějovice, as far as I can say, is very beautiful city. Even though the jurney itself took 4 hours, I actually enjoyed it. I find the sounds of moving train calming and relaxing. I was there with one of my best friends and the other "Friday Dancers", as we call our tribal dancing group. I am so glad that we could spend some quality time together!

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 I actually bought myself passion fruit bubble tea and my friend cinnamon coffee. Yumm!

 The sun was brightly shining. I was feeling very happy and energetic that day.

As we were a little bit bored we decided to make each other hairstyle experiment. We waned to try out this bun with braid at the back of our heads. I think that for the first attempt we did great.

I loved this Buddha at the Indian restaurant! I want somenthing like that in my future apartment.

For food I had indian rice with chicken. It was delicious! Cashew nuts were just heaven!

 Here you have closer look to the mouth-heaven. I think that the kettle (do you call it like that?) with the candle warming up your dish whilst you are eating is brilliant!

The last photo is from coffee shop in Brno. This cherry cake was so tasty! I have to say, this weekend was just heaven for my mouth.

How was your weekend?

Love life!

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