New Weakness: Fine Jewellery

 It looks innocent, pretty and delicate. Yes. I am talking about fine jewellery. I do not even know how and when I started to like this "trend", however I fell in love - hard. These two babies I bought in "I am". This is (kinda) way how to make myself wear more bracelets and rings because lately I have been more necklace person. And - let's be honest - that is not fair to the other types of jewellery.

 The base of the bracelet is gold, however there are a few beads in the middle made of golden sandstone. I have to say, it looks georgeous when you put it on! It is small, gentle thing, which glimpse every time the sun (or any light) hits it. 

 When I saw these midi rings, I knew I have to buy them. I love the design of it. There is one with heart, one with some artificial stone (both golden), then there is one more ornamented. The last one looks more grey - like platinum mixed with copper. Okay. That sounds strange. However it looks polished and nice. Well, I think these will be my spring jewellery essencials.  


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