The City of the Dead

Olá! I think it's time for a little bit darker topic. Cemetery. To be exact - Cemitério da Conchada. Oh yeah! When me and my two Erasmus girlfriends told to our roomies, that we want to go on a trip to the cemetery, they laughed, but, trust me, there is nothing to laugh about. (I know you're reading guys.) For me visiting a cemetery means a way of getting to know the history and also the culture of the city/country.

The place is beautiful. Not only because of the surroundings. The first thing that hits you is houses.  Not normal ones. I mean little houses for dead people. It is morbid, creepy and stunning at the same time. The architecture is incredible. Every detail is perfect. Inside of them you can see coffins covered with (mostly) white cloth. 

It reminds me of the cemetery from 'The Originals'. (Yes, I still watch this TV show and now I 'm blushing because I told you...) Place for crazy rituals, dark magic, witchcraft and many revivals from death. The energy of this place is honestly crazy! 

The oldest grave we've found is from the year 1860. I mean, that's not that old but still it's pretty something. In the cemetery you can also find new graves and also house with three floors of shelves filled with coffins. Mental. 

I promise you guys, that next time the topic will be more positive. Still I think that if you're ever in Coimbra, this is one of the best places to visit. 

Bonus photos of Coimbra:



  1. to je neuvěřitelný místo, krásný!

  2. To jsou opravdu nádherné fotky ! :))

  3. Myslím, že je to úplně v pořádku, taky by mě to moc zajímalo :) Fotkka s rozkvetlým stromem je skvělá!

  4. Moc krásné fotky :)


  5. Krásne fotky, vyzerá to čarovne. Inak mám pre teba taký jeden tip, keď budeš fotky nahrávať, skús im zmenšiť rozmery v pixeloch, pretože sa veľmi dlho načitávajú, stránka bude rýchlejšie načitaná. :)

  6. Fotky jsou parádní, působí to na mě až tak poněkud strašidelně :D ale tak k tomu názvu to docela i sedí :D
    Maris Novotná