Obsession Wednesday: Plaid pattern

Plaid pants and a cozy sweater. www.topshelfclothes.com
We have here second "Obsession Wednesday"! I'm sorry for not posting lately, but I was very busy. In the school I still need catch up some grades. But things are starting to be better and better. I hope, I will have more time on you guys! I really missed blogging.

This week I will be talking about my "Plaid pattern" obsession. When I see something with that pattern in the shop, I start freaking out, and the second later you can see me striding towards that piece of clothing (mostly). I haven't bought anything in this pattern...yet, but I am planning it. I am very picky when comes to clothes...but I can already feel that my plaid desire will by satisfied very soon.

Buffalo Plaid  DressMango Plaid trousers ($74) via Polyvore

Photos via Pinterest.

I hope you have an amazing Wednesday wherever you are! Also tell me, what do you think about plaid and what is your current obsession. I would love to hear yours! :)

Love life!

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