Obsession Wednesday: Tea

Tea is my another obsession. I absolutely LOVE teas! With my friends we always go to our favourite tearoom in Brno. The best place to talk about everything you want. This surrounding calms me down and makes me happy whenever I stray there!
Well, I don't drink tea only in tearooms of course. Good cup of tea is heaven for me too! Green tea helps me wake up and concentrate when I need it. I mostly drink it in the morning right before I leave my house for school. You wouldn't believe me how good job it does!
Also I am obsessed with vanilla rooibos. I always add a little bit of milk into it. It is delicious!
When I am ill or just I want to prevent it I make myself a cup of ginger tea with lemon juice and honey. Trust me, this is the first sickness aid and it always helps me with that sucks-illnes-bad-feeling. And moreover it warmes you up in the winter. 

For my favourite teas click on "read more". ;)

I got this set for Christmas from my sister and I cannot be grateful enough! There are 90 tea bags of various kinds of tea. From green to fruit flavoured.

WHITTARD - Chelsea 1886
Can we just stop and appreciate the existence of these three saviors of mine? They keep protecting me from falling asleep at school. In addition they taste amazing!

JEMČA - Ginger with lemon
If I do not have fresh ginger, I mostly make myself this one. It helps you to increase your immunity which is really good!

TEEKANNE - Rooibos Vanilla
Delicious black tea with added a little bit of vanilla flavour. A fairytale for your tongue!

Do you like teas? Which ones?

Love life!

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