Summer To-Do List 2014

1. Find summer job
Let's be honest here. Who doesn't need money? I also want to gain new experience. New job, new opportunities to improve myself.

2. Practice yoga
I love excercising yoga! It is so calming. I always find myself stronger and more confident with every day.

3. Learn to cook new meals
In kitchen I like to experiment a little bit. I enjoy using exotic food. That is why this summer will be focused on my cooking skills.

4. Swim in the pool
Although we have pool in the garden, past few summer holidays I spend my time watching TV shows, or just in general sitting at home with my comeputer. Never happening again!

5. Enjoy every minute
You don't know which day is your last...

6. Summer picknick / BBQ

7. Read books and take notes
I love reading books. However not that books I need to read to school. This summer I have to focus on it!

8. Spend more time with friends
When summer holidays begin, I start to be a little bit "a lone wolf". That doesn't mean I don't like my friends, the truth is I absolutely love them. I want to get out of my comfy cocoon this time.

9. Redecorate my room
Oh my gosh, I want to redecorate my room for a while now! I desperately need a change. I enjoy "designing" my own room so much.

10. Travel
Travel is my injection of happiness. Exploring new places, cultures, it is magical to me.

11. Draw

12. Sing

13. Be more creative
Creativity and art is my second injection of happines I cannot live without.

What is yours summer to-do list? :)

Love life,

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