Monday Talk

 Let me just say, last week was the busiest week in past few months. I had to do a loads of work to school, because it was the last week we could improve our grades. That is why there was no new articles. Basically, from now my summer holidays are at its beginning. I have to admit, all I want to do is just watch Hart of Dixie and read The Fault in Our Stars with a cup of tea in my hand. I need to relax before my last year of high school starts. However there is some work I want to do during the summer holidays. For example read the books for final exams or the summer musical school I enrolled. After all I love being busy. It gives me the feeling I am not usless. (ha-ha)

 Also I wanted to say that because of the more time on my hands, you can expect more articles and adventures. This Wednesday and Thursday I am going to Prague. I am thinking about a little "Follow me around" type of vlog. What do you think about it? Will see....I am planning on a little bit of shopping while I am there and meeting my friend from summer camp. (Which I am pretty excited about, because I haven't seen her for a year.) 

 Can we also talk about how perfect is the new Ed Sheeran's music album? I love it so much! I cannot stop listening to it. His songs are my best friends right now. It is contagious. They got under my skin and don't want to get out.

What are your plans for the summer holidays?

Love life,

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