Vienna: Part 1

 Christmas are long time over, however I have a few photos that I want to share with you to recall a little bit of Christmas atmosphere. 23rd of December me and my boyfriend made a day trip to Vienna. It was beautiful as always. Everything was perfect. Sun was shining, we wern't freezing... For a moment I could imagine living there. But after a while a reliazed I don't know German...well...not much...scheisse...entschuldigung bitte...

 We got there in the early morning. Our first stop was G3 shopping center. I was so glad when we found the right bus station! I wanted go there because of Primark of course. I marched in there full of joy with my boyfrend (poor thing) totally uninterested (that sounds like I am some tormentor...haha!). We spend there another hour. Despite the fact I was a little bit disappointed, I got a few very nice and lovable things, which I will probably show you in one of my upcoming articles.

 Our next stop was Schloss Schönbrunn. I was there only for second time in my life and I have to say, it was breathtaking. There are also a few Christmas markets. I couldn'r resist their punsch with egg liqueur. It is ridiculously delicious and I just looove it! If you have never tried it, I recommend you (if you can) this year at Christmas time to do a trip to Vienna and try it!
 We also went into the Schloss gardens. We could not believe what we saw - blooming roses. In the winter. Crazy!

 After that we unintentionaly ended up on Karlsplatz's market. There were lamas and sheeps...sun was setting (our legs a little bit hurting), it was simply magnificent! Than our jurney led to Stephansplatz. (I have to say, I have sinned...When I saw Jo Malone's store, my legs coudn't stop moving towards it (we don't have JM in the Czech Republic). I have fell in love with the scent "Wood Sage and Sea Salt" immediately. I want it badly in my life! 

A little break from shopping - eating on streets is the best kind of adventure...

And that is pretty much it for the part one.


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