20th Birthday

 Birthday. The time of the year you get emotional. Birthday. The time of the year you start being nostalgic. Memories are so precious. When is my birthday I always start to think about my childhood, how great it was. So much laughter! Just a little girl with dark brown eyes and hair, full of light and joy. Having big dreams, loving everything. There are of course moments in my life I do not want to remember, however the good ones I often remember more clearly. Man always does.
 20th birthday. You are no longer teenager. There is not enough space on your cake for twenty little candles, so you have to buy two numbers (and let's admit, twenty candles may be a bit too expensive). You have to start acting like an adult person - which in my head I am still that little child. 

 Last weekend me and my family celebrated my 20th birthday. This time I decided to go with some kind of Raffaello birthday cake. And I loved it. If you are asking, I poured the cake with melted white chocolate and sprinkled it with grated coconut. And because I have birthday on the same thay that is Valentine's Day, I put a few fondant hearts to share a bit more love with the world (and the cake - haha). The gifts I got you can see in the last picture. I wanted popcake maker for so long! Thank you mum! ♥ Also I do not know how I can eat that huge amount of chocolate I got - ever. (If you want some, feel free to come to our house and I give you some.) You also may know I am the biggest lover of flowers. I have flowers almost everywhere. I got so many of them. I feel like the luckiest person in the world! 


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