Fashion Must-Haves: Zara Bag & Checked Scarf

 There are days in my life when I love everything and days I hate everything. These ups and downs make my life in some way better. You could say that my life is not boring. I know that everything will by at the end of the day (or in some period of time) okay again. However when I feel a little bit down and like just everything in my life is falling apart, I start looking for safe haven in creativity, writing poems, drawing, fashion, classical music and so on. Sometimes I just have to write down what I feel, make a list of things that needs to be done. There is always a lot of thoughts in my mind which I never say out loud. I really needed to relax a little bit and write this article for you, even if it is middle of the night and what I just wrote may appear to you a tiny bit nonsense. What I meant to say is that I bought two (not only winter) life savers.

 I have to say, I was looking for the perfect handbag for a long long time. I admit I am always very picky when it comes to bags. It has to have the right size, colour and many more things. I love huge, simple bags with a lot of pockets, so I can put there stuff for school, and trust me, I carry a lot of things with me. I needed big handbag - badly. And when I found one in Zara which looked completly how I imagined it in my head I was so happy! It is from their "Basic" collection. Zipper and all metal is gold. I like gold better than silver. It is warmer and all my metal jewelery is gold anyway.

 For the first time I saw this checked scarf from Stradivarius about five moths back and I took a picture of it. One day I was scrolling through my old photos and saw this piece of comfortness again. What a surprise. I knew I have to go back for it. When I got there, it was aso on sale. That is always pleasure to find out.  


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