Bratislava // Day Trip (+ BLOGGER OF THE YEAR)

 Last Wednesday me, my mum and my sister went on a trip to the Bratislava. Only for one day, however it was totally worth it! We woke up in the morning, the sky was grey and it seemed like it was going to rain. The perfect day to travel! (haha) We got there about 11:00 am. Our first stop was (because we are girls) Eurovea, which is huge shopping center. When we came near the JOJ TV, my sister fangirled a little bit. I have to say, my first stop was H&M Home. I just wanted to buy everything and take it home with me. I really could not decide what one (or more) to choose to keep me company at home. Meanwhile my mum and sister decided to go for a lunch, but I was so hypnotised, I just stayed there for another ten or fifteen minutes. When I calmed down from excitement a little bit, I decided to look around. I have found this amazing shop "Koton", where I bought a few things. Then went back to the H&M and finally got something I wanted (and needed). I am so pickey, that sometimes it annoyes me too (I feel sorry for my family).
 After my little spree and their lunch we went to the historic city center. The second we walked outside the wind almost blowed us away. It is really fun to watch people fighting with the wind. Hair in they mouths, eyes almost closed...Oh mother nature, you are so powerful!

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 I have to say, I completly fell in love with the city. Its vibes and atmosphere, narrow streets or clean looking squares. It remined me how much I love travelling. Getting to know new places, people...We wandered through the city center, when I run into the coffee shop named "Greentree Caffé". I drag my mum and sister into this place. I do not regret. It was the most cosiest-looking caffé ever! A lot of armchairs and - books. You may know I am addicted to books.  Well, it totally got me. For my surprise there was also basement with another armchairs and white tables - and in the corner of the room - piano. I need to return there next time I am in Bratislava!

 My mum and sister went up to the "UFO Observation Deck" while I was walking along the river Dunaj. I met a beautiful friend of mine - swan. We ended our trip going back to Eurovea and having sushi and Subway sandwich for a dinner. Right now I am certain - I want to go back soon!

Parka: MANGO, Trousers: ZARA, Boots: GATE, Scarf: STRADIVARIUS, Satchel: KappAhl


Me and my friends.
Next time I am in Bratislava, I need to visit this place! 

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