My Current Skincare Routine / Favorite Products / Saviors

Let's just sit, relax and listen to Hozier's 'Work Song' on repeat, shall we?

 I decided to show you my updated skin care routine - slash - favorite products, because it has been ages since I did an article about beauty. Well, something changed, something did not. I have to say, right now - my skin is soft as a baby's butt. (haha) I cannot believe it either. I finally found out what types of products my skin likes. You may know I have kind of sensitive complexion. My two problems mostly are - I have oily skin, that means that on my T-zone start to show up some spots, or my skin is too dry. That means I have little flakes on my nose and red cheeks. Not good. However these products make my face look flawless. 

1) Saloos Lavender Hydrophilic Makeup Remover Oil (50 ml)
 The best product ever! It gently removes all of my makeup. It is like magic in the small bottle. The oil nicely soaks into the skin so your face doesn't look like a mirror. (haha) I always just pour a little bit of water on a cotton pad and after that I add only three drops of lavander oil. It does not irritate my eyes, which is really huge plus. 

 Once a week I want to spoil myself, relax, regain lost energy. This is the time when it comes to the face mask. My favorite one is 'Mask Of Magnaminty' from Lush. You can use it also as a peeling when you don't have much time, or when you are exhausted and there is a threat you will fall asleep looking like a Fiona. On you couch...or bed...or wherever you lie when you have a face mask on...
 I can deffinitely see the difference after using this product. It may look a little bit odd, however my skin always looks fresh and feels so clean! No more clogged pores.

 Rose water is not only great in the kitchen, but also good for you skin. I use it as a toner or as a subtitute for parfume. Is smells like garden full of roses. And spring...or summer. It is one of my must-have products. After using this, my skin looks way more refreshed.

 Recently, I had been looking for the right moistruizer, which fights acne and hydrates at the same time. I can proudly say: I've found one. About a month ago I was scrolling through 'What Olivia Did' blog (One of my fave.) and she had there an article about her favorite skin care products. At that time I was really desperate, because my skin started breaking out again. From that time it stands on my mirror shelve. It helped my complexion so much! Every evening I just squeez a little bit on my index finger, dot it all over my face and blend. It miraculously soaks into my skin in seconds.


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