5 Tips: How To - Healthy Hair

1) Coconut oil and eggwhite hair mask
 Coconut oil is for me like a gift sent from heaven! From the moment I discovered it I cannot live without it. You can never have enough of coconut oil. In any event, not so long ago, I have learned that eggwhites can also moisturize your hair and make them feel silky an look shiny. This combination is just perfect! I can tell you, I have the most fine, prone-to-damaging and dry hair ever. It is hard for me fo keep my hair moistruized. Since the time I have been using this homemade mask once a week I am telling you, I can definitely see the difference. My hair looks more healthy, shiny and more thick. Despite the fact that it may sound disgusting to you (and the smell), this mask is perfect!
 Melt one teaspoon of coconut oil and mix it with one eggwhite. Then apply all over the entire length of your hair. After that you can put it into a bun (so you do not have eggwhites on your shirt) and leave it there for twenty minutes. All you need to do now is wash your hair normally as you do. Easy!

2) Brush your hair before every washing
 It is very important to brush your hair before washing to prevent from any tangels. After washing your hair will be looking more silky and shiny. I am using my blue Tangle Teezer before I wash my hair  (with my head down) and afterwards (when I release it from the towel turban). I know that people say, that you should not brush your hair when wet, however with Tangle Teezer there is no damage done.

3) Use moistruizing and protecting hair products
 It is important to use the right products for your particular hair typ. I have tried so many hair products - I stopped counting how many years ago.  For me, the hardest task is to find the right shampoo. The one I am using at this moment is DOVE Pure Care Dry Oil Shampoo. I actually love Dove products. A few weeks back I realized that I used one of their shampoos in the past, and it suit my hair really well - I LOVED it. So I thought I could repurchuase it - I run out of shampoo anyway - no regrets than. The shampoo contains African Macadamia Oil and that helps my hair to look more moisturized and healthy. It is not a good choise for those of you, who have greasy hair. However it is one of the cheapest shampoos, which will make your dry hair look heilthier. I also purchused conditioner from the same line. 
 Now. Protecting your hair from heat is definitely the most important thing. Especially for those of you, who are using heat tools every day. Sometimes you can see the steam coming out of your hair locks which is being curled/straighten - not good. To keep the moisture in my hair I am mostly using the Schwarzkopf got2b Guardian Angel or Syoss Heat Protect Styling Spray.

4) Dry only the roots of your hair 
 I learned this trick a while back. If you only blow dry the roots of your hair, it will create more volume. The rest of the hair just let dry naturally.

5) No bun, no damage done
When you hair is wet, it is more vulnerable and prone to breakage. I know that having long hair is sometimes uncomfortable, and you just want to put it into a bun. Stop being lazy and leave your hair down. Trust me, the ends of your hair will not be so splitted. And after all, your hair in a bun will not dry anyway.

Do you also have some secret tips, how to keep your hair healthy?


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