New In: June 2015

 A few days back I did a little bit of shopping, because (to by honest) I run out of make up remover. In order to get another one I went on the web side named Parfums.cz (as I usually do). But here comes the problem. While scrolling through uncountable number of the products, which they sell on their website, I thought: "Well...I want to try out some eye cream too..." So I put into my shopping basket this Ziaja anti-shadow eye cream with cornflower and many vitamins, which I thought are perfect for my under eye area. It is my first eye cream ever and I am super excited to use it. If it's good, you will definitely see it in my monthly or weekly favourites post. I can also write a review for you (if you want to).

 Now back to the make up remover. Originally, I wanted to buy myself - as usual - the Lavender one. But I decided to try something new. As I have a dry skin I thought that Rosewood could fit my complexion perfectly. I am using it for a few days now and loving it. Even though I still think that the Lavender one is still better. This one is definitely more oily and it takes more time to sink into my skin properly. But the smell guys is just amazing!

 I now I talk about the summer like crazy, but I think it is the righ time to experiment with your parfumes. Many bloggers were raving about the EDT Daisy Eau So Fresh by Marc Jacobs. Well, why not to buy a sample of this parfume for summer? It smells like freedom and summer meadow. I actually did not expect to like it so much! What disappoints me a little is that is does not stay on my skin for very long so I need to apply it during the day over and over again. However I would do anything to smell like this all the time.

 You know me. I like my flowers. And blue. And this pattern...When you look into my closet, there is just one huge black, grey and cream smudge. I really needed to add there a little bit of colour. And this top from H&M is perfect. I love oversized flowy tops. Especially for summer.


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