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 Hello! After a month, I have another outfit of the day for you. Some days it feels like summer already. Sun shining, hot air, warm nights...which makes me feel full of energy and incredibly excited all the time. I love sun. And summer. I also ordered two flower crowns on eBay (extremly cheap when you compare it to stores such as H&M and so on). I think it is perfect for spring/summer festivals or just to spice up your casual outfit when you are going to the picknick in the park or (garden) party.

 I fell in love with this jumpsuit immediately I laid my eyes on it. You already know, that I am obsessed with flowers. I craved some jumpsuit for such a long time! I always saw many of them on youtube or blogs and never actually got one. It is so comfortable! I just cannot stop wearing it! When it is chilly outside I pair it with some tights and it still looks fabulous. The only thing I don't like about it is how wrinkled it gets sometimes. Despite that I still love it, And it also has pockets! How amazing! 

 I think you already know these shoes. I bought them last year (I think in September when I went on a trip with my class to Prague) in GATE. I hesitated when buying them however now they are my favourite shoes ever! So comfortable! It feels like you have your slippers on. I always preferred heels because they make me look taller and I was ashamed for looking like Hobbit everytime, but now I don't really care about what people think. I am proud of who I am. Just don't take these shoes away from me.

 This bag from Baťa...nowadays I take it everywhere I go. You can fit in there so many stuff! You may know that when it comes to bags, I am very picky. When I found it in the store I was actually searching for leather backpack, but when my eyes saw this black pleasure - don't blame me - I just couldn't resist. It gives the whole outfit casual but still put together look (which I really like). 

Jumpsuit - PULL&BEAR
Shoes - GATE
Flower Crown - eBay
Bag - BAŤA
Lipstick - MAYBELLINE NY Lady Red 527

Pure craziness! (This is what happens, when you are making
fun of your sister...)

I hope you liked the outfit. If you have any improvements or questiones just tell me in the comments. I would love to hear them!

What is your favourite summer outfit?


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