Monthly Favourites: Beauty, Makeup, Hair | February 2016

Hello beauties! I was thinking about writing a beauty related post for a long time now. And today is the day. I am so excited to share with you my new favourite products. I have been using them for almost a two months now. And I can tell you, with some we had to find the same path but in the end I fell in love with them all.

Havlíkova přírodní apotéka BIO Hair Cream
I have heared about this Czech brand so much! My friend was ranting about it all the time. Every product is made from natural and good-quality ingredients. So one day (it was actually a few days before Christmas) I visited their store in Brno. It is one small and cosy room. On the walls there are sentences such as: "You are gorgeous!" etc. My heart was already stolen. I decided to grab the Christmas gift for my grandma and also two things for myself. Well, guys, may I introduce you the BIO Hair Cream! It contains macadamia and argan oil, lavender and melissa essential oils, hibiscus and many more good ingredients great for your hair. And I can tell you, it smells amazing! My hair always looks hydrated and feels so silky. I always combine it with two another drops of macadamia oil.

La Roche-Posay Effaclar DUO+
You heared me ranting about this product too much I think. I just bought another packaging. You can find more info in my previous posts. (here and here)

Havlíkova přírodní apotéka - BIO Macadamia Oil
The the first oil that I put my hands on from this brand. I feel like it is one of the "dry" oils, that make your skin and hair look nice without leaving greasy. What I like about it is that on the little glass bottle you have the month when the oil was pressed and also from which country it comes from. I always applay four drops on my face and three on my hair in the evening or in the morning. It depends. 

Makeup Revolution Flawless Ultra Eyeshadows Palette
After a huge boom of Makeup Revolution eyeshadow palettes I decided that it is time to get one too. You cannot blame me, I expected more from it. The palette itself has very beautiful and fancy looking packaging and the shades are just georgeous, however, it crumbles like hell. I feel like half of the product, which doesn't end on my eyeshadow brush, ends up on the floor or somewhere else. And I can tell you, I am pretty sad about it, because, as I said, those colores are very nice.

Diva & Nice Accessories Foundation Brush
I have never tried a foundation brush like this before, even though I always wanted to own this fluffy thing that eases my everyday makeup routine. To be clear, I am not a makeup artist. Let's face it guys. However I feel like my skin looks better when using this particular brush. It is soft and I can tell you it feels like clouds touching your skin. Not to mention how adorable the fake wood design is. Flat lays will be pleasure to shoot! (Oh yeah, always thinking about the blog!)


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