The Hipster Side Of Me

I was thinking about how to start this post properly, but nothing came to my mind. Nothing seemed "right" or "perfect". Should I apologize to you, because there was no content for...well, at least a two months? No. Should I write like there was no pause? Lame. I started this blog, so I could practice my English and keep my memories somewhere. And the best thing is, that I can share with you my life jurney. I started this for myself. And I love it. I love blogging, however, it didn't feel right. I was waiting for the right moment to write and post many articles which stayed just in my 'Draft' folder. And now it is late to post them. So today I am giving you an advice. Something many quotes and sayings talk about. There is no right time to do something. It's only "now". And even though what we create is not perfect, it exists. It's there. Yeah, I learned my lesson.

And after pouring my heart out, I want to talk about my favourite outfit of the February 2016. Huge but the most comfortable sweater from Zara. Oh yeah! I have to love my baggy sweaters. I can imagine myself standing on a pier, staring into the distance and watching the sun set over the lake. Me, cosy, curled up in my thick woolen sweater. A little cabin behind me...One of the best evenings of my life. Maybe I am a little bit odd, however, whenever I buy clothes, I always see a story.

One day when I was casually strolling with my trolley through Tesco (as a normal people do) I found this burgundy red beanie. The moment I saw it I was like "This may work!". Nothing fancy, I know. The materil is also very thick so I can tell you, when it is freezing outside, it's the best thing ever! 

Sweater - Zara
Turtleneck - Intimissimi (similar)
Jeggings - H&M
Boots - CCC
Hat - F&F (similar)


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