WeekEND In Fragments: 19th Birthday

  On friday was my birthday. Yes, I am a year older now. Still, I think that 19 is a weird number. I have to get used to it. I cannot believe the fact that time flies so fast! Where are those times I had 16? *thinking too deeply*
When I saw these heart-shaped cupcake silicone molds in Lidl, my own heart stopped. I just had to buy these for myself as a birthday present. *Do you do that too or am I the only one? :D* I totally fell in love with them. Love at the first sight exists...And as we were celebrating my birthday this weekend it was obvious for me to do heart-shaped cupcakes for my beloved family. I also added a little bit of amaranth flour and three apples into this romantic dessert. I put a little homemade fondant floweron on the top to make it seem prettier. *For the record my sister did those ones with chocolate on the top and it was delish!*

I am so grateful for those flowers they got me!

I got three sparkling wines, loads of chocolate and money. I cannot be more thankful.

I absolutely loved my birthday cake. My granny did the cream and dough, my mum and sister fondant and I just decorated the whole cake.

Beth is so cute in the photo! Apologise that wet area between her eyes, my mum washed it to her from the tears.

On Sunday we went to Olympia Shopping Center because my sister wanted to try out bubble tea. I got blueberry and Julia jasmin. She doesn't liked it...I personally think that it is overpriced.

What a great weekend! Right now I am enjoying my spring break. Relaxing with a book and hot tea. *mostly earl grey* I hope you have an amazing day!
Love life!

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