Ibérica Street Food Festival

 Let me introduce you the best food festival ever, full of food, dance, music, good vibes and amazing people! Yes, I am talking about Ibérica Street Food Festival which took place about three weeks ago here in Brno. I finally got to edit photos from this day and I cannot by happier to share them with you. It all started about 10:00 am. Me and one of my best friends arrived to the venue about 11:30, so we had a plenty of time on our hands...to by honest, we had all day. Even though that day was so hot outside, I thought I will melt just like a sugar cube in a hot pot, I loved it. This photos just won't do it's justice.

 Ibérica is a Spain and Latinoamericano festival. I am so glad they moved it to Brno. There is always more than Street Food Festival. Like famous dancers or singers from Spain or Latin America. It lasted about five days, I think. I am not really sure now - three weeks later (or four?). I really wanted to attend more performances, unfortunatelly I did not have the time because I was enjoying Summer Acting School (by the way - I want back...I really miss you guys!).

 The thing I was super excited about were free tastings and - of course - paella! Even though me and caffeine are not a huge friends, the first beverage I tried was Colombian coffee. Without bragging, I have to say I liked it a lot. I tried to talk with those people who were standing behind the stand spanish, but I am really rubbish at this, so all that I said was: "un poco" and "gracias". *ashamed* As I was enjoyng my coffee, a photographer came to this stand and tried to take a photo of me drinking this piece of heaven. The outcome you can find HERE.

 We went from one stand to another with excitment pretending we are on our holiday in Spain. It is amazing how they managed to get exotic vibes to this incredible, normally dull city. Okay, it is not that dull. However it is nice to see some colours instead of grey concrete. After so much walking our stomaches started to sing so we decided to get some proper food. We chose amazingly looking stand which actually had a language school - TeachMe. The people were so nice to us! We were chatting and I asked about this language school, because - you know - I wanna improve my english as much as I can. I was amazed. I love how they try to be different than other language schools. For example they use tablets so the lessons are more interactive. No more sitting over a thick textbook guys! There is summer school running right now, which means 5 days of intensive studying of English. Or they also have Czech classes for foreigners. How many language schools do that? Everybody can sign up! They also organize Summer Cooking Courses or, as I learned, picknicks and many workshops. For more info visit their webside or Facebook page.

 Finally me and my friend decided for quesadillas with guacamole. So delicious! It was just...I cannot even speak...I love Mexican food so much. I really do. Give me burritos and I will burst out of happiness. But this guys? My taste buds almost erupted. After we ate everything on our plate, we bought us some Chilean wine and sat down at Denis Gardens. An hour later we were there again for paella show and - cactus ice cream. What a delicious food! I need more of this in my life.

 At the end of the day everybody recognized us and asked if we want more wine. We are not alcoholics...I swear...but who can refuse a glass of Chilean wine...

Me, my mum and above mentioned photographer.

TeachMe stand

Quesadillas & guacamole


Want some?

Brno. What a beautiful city?


What is your favourite summer festival?


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