Obsession Wednesday: Bath

Dream bathroom.  Vanity on one side, double sinks/counter space on the other, and a huge tub!
Photo via Pinterest

  Hi guys! I did not write a new article for some time. Sorry for that. But I am back now with a bunch of new ideas for blog posts. Well, today's article is about my obsession with bath and my bathtime. Let's be clear. As a girl I spent in a bathroom so much time! Time flies in there so quickly. I sometimes can not beliave it!
  During this winter I started to enjoy a good bath much more then ever before. It is just so calming, relaxing and also my thinking time. I love making myself a warm bubble bath. I always find myself putting a little bit of almond oil in there. After that is my skin smooth and hydrated as a baby's bum. *:D*
And can we just a talk about this amazing bathroom I found on Pinterest? It is perfect! I adore candles and antique furniture/decorations.

Are you a bath or shower person?
Let me know in the comments. I hope you are having a wonderful evening!

Love life!

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