Ups and downs

 Sometimes there are times in our lives when we are "up" or we are "down". I feel like I have been down for past few weeks and I have to admitt, it was sucks. But now I have feeling that this "down fase" of my life is now at it's end. From now everything will be better. I believe it.
 The school, illnes and spring depression *as I used to call this* I was sliding into was terrible. That is the reason why I wasn't so active on blog. I apologise for that. Well, no more complaining. This time of my life is over now and I am finally feeling happy and optimistic again. That's good, right?
 What really helped me was just watching TV shows, reading "The Secret" by Rhonda Byrone and eating loads of chocolate. But the book helped me the most of these things. I truly recommend it to you guys. So amazing! *thinking, that this looks like some sponsored article...but actually it is not*
Spring is here, which makes me happy even more than I am. I love, love spring! Sorry for this serious post, but sometimes you just need pour your heart out. I wish you the best thing you can imagine!

Love life!

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