Arrival of Spring

 On every corner I can already see nature waking up from the winter sleep. I absolutely love spring. Over time it actually became my favourite season. That is why I have gone out with a camera and took a few photos. And because I enjoy taking pictures of nature of course.
 On my way to the forest I've met my friend hare. Well, I wanted him to be my friend but he ran away from me eventually...*sad-forever alone face* Fortunately I managed to take a photo of him, before he hopped away. *got ya boy*
That day sun was shining and weather was warm. *finally* But right now, while I am sitting in front of my desk, outside the weather is going mad.Wind is blowing, trees are falling down in our country...crazy right? Hopefully tomorrow it will be much better.

What season is your favourite?

Love life,

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