#2 // London Life & Architecture

 More photos from my beloved London. I am so excited to share them with you! I still have many more left. This time I want to concentrate more on the architecture of this city. You can find there historic buildings next to skyscrapers. Somebody says that it ruins the historic heart of the city, however I find it interesting and actually I like it a lot.

 Tate Modern became one of my favourite places. The best thing is, that in London are museums and galleries free. It was my premier in this building and I loved it. The café area is just incredible. You can sip your coffee and watch the city in front of you at the same time. I now that when I mention Tate I should talk about the art first, but - you know me. I have to say the art pieces were very interesting. Stones hanging on a string or scattered dishes...why not? I've also seen a few Andy Warhol's pieces and paintings by Pablo Picasso. This former factury just got me.

 Now let me start ranting about Borough Market. This place full of deliciously looking food is just everything. I like to call it foodie heaven. If you don't know what truffles smell like, you have the opportunity to experience the smell of this delicacy in one of many stands. Or you like fresh juices? No problem. Ice cream? Of course! There is also one stand with tradicional cidres. Because it is in the centre of the city, it's so accessible. If I could, I would stay there the whole afternoon. Maybe next time...

They say, the world is your Oyster...


Tate Modern

Let's celebrate, guys!


Grilled aubergine with mint leaves, pine nuts, Saffron cream and pomegranate seeds.


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