#3 London // Close Up

 The last article in my little London series. This one is a mix of everything.  It starts with small market close to Greenwich. Than it takes us back to the beautiful flower shop at Borough Market. We cannot forget our Big Ben (I know that Big Ben is only the name of the bell inside the tower), London Eye and - of course - Kensington Gardens, which I've fallen in love with. Especially with those cute squirrels and parrots.

 Let me please stop on Baker Street. As a huge fan of Sherlock (and Benedict Cumberbatch) I was thrilled to see 221b Baker Street. The house where well-known character Sherlock lives. When it comes to TV shows, I just become a crazy person. You can't blame me for fangirling, when I imagined that the same door I touched, Benedict touched them too. My eyes were maybe too sparkly and maybe I also jumped too much...I am sorry for those who saw me...On Baker Street is also Dunkin' Donuts, but unfortunately I never got inside (If I would, all donuts would be probably gone...and after a few hours in my stomach...).



St Paul's Cathedral

The View



  1. Beautiful pictures :) I worked as an au pair in St Albans so I missed London so much. :( It was my best time from my life :)

    1. That is really nice! London is actually my favourite city. :)