One Day Trip: Spa Luhačovice + OOTD

 While sitting at the airport waiting for the plane to London, I am going to chat with you about my previous holiday. This time with my family and boyfriend. I had such an incredible time just relaxing and enjoyng doing nothing (and food...). Yes, I love food, but that is another story. The last day we went on a trip to the Spa Luhačovice. It is one of my favourite places in the Czech Republic. The architecture in this spa city is just a piece of art. There are many hot springs full of minerals, which are healthy for your body. For example famous Vincentka or my favourite - Ottovka. 

 On the banks of the stream are many caffés with delicious desserts and plenty of greenery. It is the perfect city to rewind and regain lost energy. By the way, I fell in love with this H&M swing dress. I bought them on sale for a really good deal and cannot stop wearing them. I love oversized and flowy clothes. 

Swing Dress - H&M


Rice, chicken and curry


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