Back To Childhood

 Few weeks back my grandma and granpa were celebrating their 70th birthday in the restaurant, which is situated in our village. Of course I had to be there for them. Despite the fact I had summer school, I found time to stay for a lunch. Because I love them. Moreover, this kind of celabrating happens once in a decade. This always makes me reminisce about all that kind of birthday "parties", "good all days" you know? 

 Well this playground belongs to the above mentioned restaurant. I used to play there a lot when I was a little girl. I think, you sometimes need to go back to your childhood, remind yourself, who you really are. Where you belong and just think about what do you want to do with your life next. 

Kimono H&M
Tank Top H&M
Skirt Sportsgirl
Heels  CCC
Watches Vintage (Chaika)

Love life,

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