Kolonial - Bonjour Brno

On Sunday I went on French festival named Bonjour Brno. There are so many activites during this festival. I deciced to go on a Kolonial, which is something like market place with loads and loads of various stuff. From food and beverages to clothing. It was one huge pleasure for me. I love those markets where you can find adorable things. It is like finding treasures. 

It felt like little piece of France in Brno. On my list of places I want to visit in my life (not actual, but virtual) is visiting France. Paris, Eiffel Tower, lavender...(that is where my blog name came from...haha) ...great cheese and wine...

...speaking of cheese....I don't remember what kind of cheese this was, but it was delicious!

I can tell you, I drank there the best wine I have ever had. Again, I don't remember the kind, which is not good! But it was the second one from the left. (yeah, me and names...)

Let me tell you, because of my flower and nature obsession, this was my favourite stand on the whole market!

Let's face it...wait...what?

It's like you're my mirror...(Justin Timberlake sounds in my head)

Oh my beloved Paris, someday we will meet in "person"...

How adorable are these brooches?

Oh deer!

Gimme cupcakes and I will give you everything I have...except my cupcakes...

Korean type of sushi on french festival? Why not!

After Kolonial, me and my grandma went to the coffee shop. They had yellow chairs and I totally fell in love with them.

Books are a must...for me. (Caution, book lover is talking.)

Alma Alexander - The Secrets of Jin-Shei

Somebody said "macarons"?!

Oops...naked man.

Now I have finally at least one blue eye. 

I hope you enjoyed this article!

Love life,

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