Mother's Day 2014

 Hello everybody! I haven't talked to you for a while! Ups and downs again. My life is like a rollercoaster. However this workweek was super exciting. I think I will everything briefly jot down here during the weekend. (Maybe it will be longer than I think. We'll see.)
 Last Sunday was Mother's Day! Despite that it was raining dogs and cats and the sun haven't showed up all day here in Brno, it was beautiful day. You just felt that all you need is warm blanket and hot tea to feel like in heaven. Because I felt really festive I wore this beautiful kimono from C&A. It really suprised me that they had this beauty. I was just saying to my mum that I want one for summer. I looked up and there it was. Birds, flowers...yeah. This one is the right one for me. 
  For Mother's Day I wanted to "give" my mum something useful so I chose the best gift. That kind you just cannot live without...food. Yes. I took my mum (and my little sis) for a meal in this beautiful and very pleasant restaurant named "Jedna báseň". I just fell in love with this place. When you come there and sit down, they immediately bring you a pitcher full of water. In the menu you have specially marked gluten free and vegan food which is always good. At least you don't have to ask the waiter for more information. 

 I have to say, mum havn't expected that move. When I told her to dress up she was quiet suprised (haha). We had tomato soup which was delicious. A little bit sour but really thick. For the second course my mum and sister chose spaghetti. I had rice with spinach and tomatoes. It was something different from what I normally eat at home (surprisingly), but good different. Down there between photos is a animation of my mom and sister eating, so you can see how they enjoyed the food (:D). Mom also ordered us a glass of wine (Traminac) for each. (Not for my sister of course.)
 When we were done with eating, our stomachs were about to burst. Too much delicious food literally on one table. We sat about half an hour chatting and checking what is new on the internet. (Tipical...) Until my sister wanted to order a basil cheesecake. Because our bellies were still a little bit full, we decided to order just one cheescake for all of us. I have to say basil in the cheesecake is interesting combination. I thought it won't be good, but it got me. I fell in love with it! I have to do it at home!
 After our delicious lunch the three of us went with grandma and grandpa to the coffeeshop. They like to go there every day actually. Because she loves flowers as I do, we bought her potted plant in this amazing vintage looking flowerpot. It had also beautiful butterfly on stick right in the middle. She loved it, and we love her too.
 My point of this article is that mum is just one. If you have one you should take care of her, becouse it is still your mum. Despite everything I still love her. The mother-daughter bond will stay here with us forever. This love is endless. Child's love to mum is unlimited. If you don't have mum anymore, you should take care of the person that takes care of you., always stays with you in spite of everything. 

In the motion...

My favourite midi rings at the moment.

Love life,

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