Tuesday LOVEly Walk

Sometimes, when I need to ventilate all those negative vibes and clear my mind, I just take a walk. I cannot believe that those pictures below were took last week. Time flies so quickley! Right now I am a happy little person, grateful for so many things that are happening in my life. 
Lately I have been reading The Power by Rhonda Byrne. This book is so amazing! Mostly about sharing love. I think that it is the most important "thing" (feeling, emotion...) in the world. I always have wonderful time reading it. It gives me so much strengh to live and to believe in my "powers". Actually the only one. Love. 
I have been thinking (in fact I think all the time...) about so many things in order to clarify my live goals. What I actually want? That was my question. Me and Beth (my Yorkshire Terrier) were wondering around the village where I live. Despite the fact she wanted to go home first five minutes of our walk...(heh) Enjoying the sun and warm weather. It was BIG relief from stress.
I don't know if this article makes any sense. Sorry if it doesn't. I felt like I need to share with you my thoughts. 

Love life,

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