7 Ways To Relax

 As a person who is always stressed and gets hardly relaxed, you would thought that it is tough task to loosen up a bit. But I have some tips and tricks how unwind myself. Even though school and everything stresses me out and the lack of time is keep pushing on my sanity I always find a tiny bit of time, when I do just what I want (in that time really need) to do. Or at least I multitask.

Whittard tea
1) Make yourself a cup of your favourite beverage
For me it is tea, for somebody else it might be hot chocolate. It is like the smell and the hotness carries away your anxiety.  But I think alcohol is not a good choice, so be aware of that.

2) Go for a walk
Just you, nature and your thoughts. You can go for a five minutes or an hour, it dosn't matter. I can guarantee that you will feel re-energized. It is almost magical.

Lemon Upside Down Loaf Cake
3) You can bake something
Doesn't matter if you are stress-baker or stress-eater, this always helps. And if you think you can't bake, it is good opportunity to learn it, and also you can think of it as a challenge.

4) Watch some films/YouTube videos/TV shows
Lately I have been watching more sit-coms than dramas. I just love to have a good laugh! My favourite one is definitely Baby Daddy. You should check it out. It is hilarious! Laughter reduces stress, so...
*Do you always sit in weird positions as I do?*

5) Take a bath
Just lay down in the hot water, close your eyes and enjoy the silence. But try not to fall asleep...that wouldn't be good. I don't  know about you, but I don't want to end up drown. *haha - not funny actually* 

6) Light up some candles
Candles create magical atmosphere. You can almost feel stress evaporate.

7) Listen to a music
I created a playlist on Spotify, where I always add music which I find relaxing and in some way calming or re-energizing. I am sharing it with you now guys. Music is just food for the soul. A few tones can always cheer me up. A little escape from real life.

Water, fire, Earth, wood, metal: Five elements which get you relaxed. Five senses pleasured. That is all you need to relax.

Love life,

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