Current Favourites // January 2015

 I felt like sharing with you six of the things I have been loving for a month now. I am sorry, I just could not wait with it until the end of the month, because I adore them so.

Primark Thermal Mug
 What can I say? I really enjoy this Primark mug...however the beverage does not stay hot for a long time, and the drops of tea pour out sometimes...But I do not really mind it. I have to say, I love the pattern of it.

English Tea Shop -Rooibos Sleigh Ride Christmas Tea
 I actually got this tea for Christmas and I cannot love it more. I loove rooibos, and if drinking tea reminds me a little bit of Christmas, I am all in. I also think that the name is quiet funny and the packaging is pretty adorable.

Orsay Sweater
 I could live in this piece of clothing for the rest of my life! It is so soft and warm...and it looks like snow. I have to admit, I actually lived in it for a few days. I am so glad I got it. Just imagine being in a hot snow...it is wierd to say it like that...I know. A few of my friends told me that the little balls in this sweater look like spiders' eggs. It did not come to my mind until they told me. Hilarious.

FOREVER 21 Golden Necklace
 I love how delicate it looks on. I got it while I was in Vienna and wasn't really sure, if I am gonna wear it. However when I put it on at home I fell in love with it immediately. I think it is adorable with sweaters and shirts. It gives the outfit a hint of something sophisticated. 

Essence Effect Nail Polish - 24 party never ends
 There is another thing that I was not sure about if I am going to wear it. I think it looks amazing just on one finnger. I wore this nail polish on New Year's Eve and it looked georgeous! I am definitely looking after putting it on my nails again soon!

Saloos Lavender Hydrophilic Makeup Remover
 Firstly, can I say how I love it? Lavender! My favourite type of flower. On my face. Every night. How amazing is that? I actully got it from a friend on Christmas. Best Christmas gift ever. It does not break me out, and all of the oil sinks into my skin in minutes. It feels so nice on my complexion. And it also smells so good. I can say, I am certain that I am going to buy another one after I finish this bottle. By the way the bottle is made of glass. 


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