DIY: Spice Up Your Room | Summer Edition

 Today I have here for you something unexpected! Yes. It is DIY. Honestly, I am not much a do-it-yourself person. But I like to decorate my room. A lot. And not only my room actually...I've also made some of these for my mum. In this article I want to focus on plants/flowers. I think it's nice to have a little bit of nature indoors. It gives the room a little bit of life. That is what I like about it.

 The reason I decided to make these beauties for myself is Pinterest. Yes. I still don't have enough. But these ones are so easy that even a kid can do it. 


What you need:
a flower (rose, peony...)
wide transparent glass/vase/bowl

 Cut off your flower 2cm from the bloom. Then half-fill chosen glass with water, so you have still space for flower. Now put the bloom inside. It lasts about 4 to 5 days until it starts to fade.


What you need:
glass jar or candle holder
succulent (I used Houseleek)
small spade 

 I wanted to make something like this for ages. I just love how airy  and exotic it looks. You can use glass jar or candle holder. Which one you prefer or own. This time I used a candle holder from "Nanu-Nana" which was (suprisingly) on sale and I instantly fell in love with it. It says "Lots of travel for everyone"and there is also a little white sailing boat. I knew right away what I want to do with it. Succulents. Oh yes. 

Step 1 
 With a small spade put a bit of soil into your jar.

Step 2
When you have about 3cm (from the bottom) of soil in your jar it's time to choose what succulent you want and place it in the middle.

Step 3
Water your plant so it doesn't die.

 That is it. I hope it was helpful. If you recreate it, be sure to tag me in your instagam photo!


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