Yes! Another article! This time about my new love. It came totally unexpected (as it usually does) and hit me hard. You are right, I am talking about this bad boy in the picture above. First of all I must inform you, this is not a sponsored article. I swear. I would also never rave about something I don't like. I do not usally go and buy everything what my favourite bloggers recommend, however...Okay... The story goes like this: Once upon a time (actually last week) I found Kate's blog post about this treasure. I was very sceptical about it at first, but a few days passed. There was no way of getting it out of my head. I was so curious... When I saw it in a drugstore last Tuesday my hands almost clapped in a genuine joy. I couldn't resist - it went straight into my shopping basket. I will never regret this decision. Ever.

 As we are sitting here in one big circle, I have to admitt that I never thought I would write about a hairspray. I just hate how they usually have this terrible aftertaste, even though you try so hard not to breathe. Also my hair always gets so dry and all sticky...Brrrh! However everything has its own exeption that proves the rule. And this is it. Let me introduce you Schwarzkopf's got2b Mind Blowing Fast Dry Hairspray which smells incredible and does an amazing job. When you spray this product into your hair (without coughing of course - because as I said earlier, there is no aftertaste in your mouth etc.) it magically instantly dries - no kidding. You can still brush your hair without pulling loads of them out. How amazing is that? Don't worry - the hair is still put in place with oh-so-beautiful texture and volume - no dry or matted ends. It feels like you are at the hair stylist. Actually mostly because of the smell...at least this is how hair stylists smell like to me...

Have you ever felt sceptical about something at first and now you love it?


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