Autumn Mood

 Hello everybody still reading this blog. I hope that you are getting through autumn depression better than I am! A few weeks passed since I wrote a new article and I am back here to talk to you. About life...about autumn. I wanted to focus on school at least for this first semester. I am super excited but scared at the same time. I have sooo many books to read! It's crazy!

 This month I started to take a lot more walks. Sometimes I took my buddy camera with me and this is basically how this article was born. I feel inspired again. By the colours and people...I think that - for me personally - autumn it the most beautiful season of all four. It is like magic season. Morning mists, pouring rains and early setting sun. Nights are longer and it is the time when I can take my deer mug with a hot chocolate in it "sprinkled" with a mountain of cinnamon. Lighted candle in my room which amplifies the mysterious atmosphere and cosyness. Yes...this sumps up my favourite autumnal evening...

Also today is Halloween! You will definitely see some "pumpkin photos" on my Instagram today...I feel like I am talking too much. Well, I will leave you to these photos.  It is time for you to dive into the darkness...(and sunset)...

(Also you can tell me in the comments if you like them and share with me some of your tips. It would mean the world to me!)


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