How I Stay Productive

Hello my beautiful readers!
After a long time I decided to write a new article. And what is the best topic to start with? A productivity. Of course! To be honest I am writing this mostly for myself, so I can finally dive into the enormous amount of pages about theatre and many plays (as I study Theatre Studies). As much as I love it, it is harder to start doing something than you think. Especially when the weather is getting warmer. My finals are comming. I can feel them breathing on my back. It is time to start my productivity/studying routine again. Oh yeah! I may sound like a crazy person but I also feel a little bit excited. Am I weird to feel in one minute very unmotivated, anxious and depressed, however in another very excited and motivated? I don't know. Maybe it all does not make any sense.

Now back on the track. I took all of the photos weeks ago (when I still had camera and some time). I was planning on writting about my studying/work/productive (how you want to call it) for a year now. I am so excited to share it with you now. *trumpet sound* Epic.

You do not have to do exactly what I do. These are just some tips that work for me, it does not have to work for everyone. Still I hope it will help you. (If not with productivity, at least with procrastination. :D)

1) Energy is the key

For me, it is hard to keep my energy levels and concentration high. I always blame it on my low blood pressure. I tried coffee, but it doesn't last more than one hour and after that I am even more tired than I was before. I always liked tea more anayway (I always felt like a British granny drinking tea on a porch curld up in a thick sweater). When I heared about matcha tea, I knew, I have to try it. I can tell you, the end results were amazing. It keeps me energised for the whole day and  tastes nice with honey or some sirup (I vote for agave!). Before having  matcha latte I recommend you to have it in the tea version first. You have to just get used to the taste. After you do, it won't leave your tea basket.

Of course, sleep is the best thing you can do to be energised for the whole day. For me, sleep is not in the final exams season the option. But if you have the time, please do that. A lot. Bed is man's best friend.

2) Plan everything

This is my favourite part. Planning. I love planning! Maybe I should choose some school where I would plan something all day. I would love that! Okay. I need to put myself together.

What helps me the most with this point are weekly planners. May I introduce you: DOLLER - the best Czech planner ever! You can start whenever you want, it has all these motivational quotes and a lot of space for everything. What I also love about it is how minimalistic it looks and the size is so convenient that I can take it with me everywhere. I can only glance at my 'buddy' and I already feel productive. This post in not sponzored by Doller by the way. (But I am not against it - haha) I just love it that much.

If you want something similar in English, the best option is definitely the Productivity Planner by Alex Ikonn. I love that guy. You can also follow his YT channel. (Not sponsored by him, either.) 

3) Set yourself goals - The Pomodoro technique

This technique named after a delicous meal is my this years best discovery. All you need to do is set yourself a goal (something you want to achieve in that day), than set your timer for 25 minutes in which you will work followed by a five minute break. You can make yourself a cup of tea, stretch...And than - repeat. It is fun to count how many pomodoros you did in a day and see how productive you were.

4) Turn off all distractions

I am sure we all are aware of this problem. In our world with Facebook or Instagram, who wouldn't be distracted. What I do, when I don't  want to be distracted is just turning on the plane mode - both on my cell phone and laptop. It really helps me to keep those distractions away. 

5) Motivation

This is the most important thing to me. Lately it is very hard for me to feel motivated. Let's be honest here. The more sad we feel, the lower is our motivation. I can tell you I've found out a few things that help me. First definitely are motivational videos. TED Talks are the best for that job. I can assure you. I also watch The Michalaks (vlogs), because they are beautiful and always give me something to think about and show me, that if something person pursues and works hard for it, he can make everything happen. They are such a beautiful family and I admire them for such an amazing parenting to Grayson. It makes me want a family like that some day.

Also meditation is very important. Now I can see that. A day without a meditation is like a day in a dark room (panic attaks and depression hit me like a cannonball). I quite like vipassana meditation or I just start searching on youtube something like 'positive thinking meditation'. If you want something "on the go", I've tried the apps named 'Calm' and 'Headspace'. The only sad thing is that Headspace is not a free app. You only get 10 days to try it out.  


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