5 Simple Healthy Breakfast Ideas

I want to share with you five, very easy to prepare, breakfast ideas. Six mornings I took pictures of my breakfast. All of them are based on fruit. I should mention, that it is NOT vegan. In my opinion colorful delicious breakfasts are the best option to start the day. It makes my mouth water just looking at the pictures below. Personally, when I eat in the morning healthy food, I have more energy during the day. Now let's see what I have prepared for you. Enjoy!

 Yeah, you've heard me right. You can never go wrong with a plate full of fruit. The perfect way how to fill your body with vitamins and minerals. Also I always decorate the fruit on the plate. You know, make some geometric shapes. I am a perfectionist. Maybe it is strange, but it is fun.

2) OATMEAL PORRIDGE (is the base of knowledge)
 I absolutely love breakfasts like this. It takes me just about 5 to 10 minutes to make this delish-looking feast. The magic is again in the fruit. I also love to sprinkel it with a little bit of cinnamon. Write me in the comments, if you want to know the whole recipe.

 This is so simple to do, yet delicious to eat. I just take whole grain bread. Than I spread all over it butter and honey. Insted of butter I offten use yoghurt. Slice a quarter of banana. Voilà, the breakfast is ready! Sweet and tasty start of the day.

 The second bread related reciepe is salty. What I do is I take avocado and slice it. The pieces don't need to be thick. In the next step I spread on the bread a little bit of butter, however sometimes I use cream cheese. Then all you need to do is sprinkel it with a pinch of salt. I actually ate this for the first time at my friends house. From that time I knew that this will be one of mine favourite breakfasts. 


 The last but not least is the yoghurt with oatmeal and fruit. At this moment my favorite one have to be blueberries.

 In all of those recipes you can be creative and change ingredients fore those which you like the most, or you have at home. It is up to you. I am absolutely not commanding you to eat this. (ha-ha) This article should be fun and inspiration to you. I hope you enjoyed it!

Write me in the comments below what is your favorite food for breakfast. I would love to hear your opinions.
Love life,

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