Keep It Casual

 Not so summery look. I know. But last couple of days the weather was cloudy, and let's just say, not-so-nice. I feel that mostly I talk to you about weather...(ha-ha). What is new? Difficult question. I still love my satchel, trying to eat healthy and keep my positive thoughts, even though it is sometimes hard. The only news is that I am going on the Vltava river for a five days with most of my classmates. Crazy. I can tell you, I am so scared! I have respect from water and deep water makes me anxious, but I convinced myself that it will be fun. (Still secretly hoping I won't drown...wish me luck.)
 However I am happy for the week without school (who wouldn't be?!). And also summer holidays are every day closer and closer, which makes me even more happy. That means I will have more time for blog and articles. Exciting. Moreover the brand new video is comming up soon. It is going to be my May Favourites!

Cream Blazer | H&M (similar)
Floral Pants
 | H&M
 | Vintage
| Humanic
 | Vintage
| Vintage
| Reserved

What do you do when you feel down? :)

Love life,

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