Weekly Favourites: I Want to Live in Paris

 When all the rush and worries about maturita (final exams here in the Czech Republic) is gone, there is nothing left, nothing to do. Accept entrance exams for college and many other things going on in my live.  It is weird not to go to school. I feel like I am missing something. However, without school, it means I have more time for you! I have not talked to all of you for ages and I missed it so much, you cannot even imagine.

 This week started in Prague. I was there for two days. I feel now more confident in this city. I stopped by in Lush, bookshop and my favourite patisserie called "Boulangerie de Paris". If you find yourself in Prague, definitely go there and tag me in your instagram photo, because the food from there tastes just like heaven! I kinda like this city full of life and people....mainly tourists (in the city center).

 While I was in the bookshop, I went straight to the section with books in English. I wanted to see what treasures it hides. I was looking through the shelves, when I saw THE one and only book I longed for. How to Be Parisian Wherever You Are. Okay...that is not the truth...I want to own too many books...When it comes to books, my heart starts racing. My arm just quicky grabed the center of my universe (of that moment) and I held it in my arms just like mother holds her child, pressing maybe too much on my chest, until I got to the cashier. I thought they do not sell it in our country. I looked on the internet earlier and could not find it anywhere and now I have it. Insane. I am more than half way through now and I can tell you, it is funny and it makes you move to Paris and eat baguettes or croissants every morning.

 Maybelline Color Sensational 527 Lady Red. I mentioned this beautiful red lipstick many times. It lasts on your lips (about half a day and you can eat, drink whatever you want), never smudges. I got compliments on in many times. It does not dry out your lips, which is very pleasant. I love the full colour of this product.

 As I said earlier, in Prague I also went to Lush. I bought bubble bath called 'Ultraviolet'. It smells like jasmin and violet. You know how much I love my flowers. I actually haven't tried it yet, but I think this Sunday evening is the right time to give it a go.

 The black bikini top in the photo above I bought from F&F. It was super cheap. I think it looks very chick and underlines woman's figure. Especially the ruffles. The midi rings in the picture above are from 'I am' and glasses from GATE.

Share with me your favourites for this week, I always want to hear it!


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