Romantic Breeze

Because the sun is shining much more lately and I can literally smell the spring I had to put here this outfit. The dress looks so girly and vernal, I just love it, even though I don't wear it that often. It is made from light, very comfortable material. the second reason why to love this dress.

The day this photos were taken (by my mum...haha) weather outside was incredibly warm. Birds were singing, sun was shining...the perfect day for a walk, time to relax and re-energize. I am so thankful for these days, when I can just enjoy the weather, loose up a bit in the nature, take a deep breaths to breathe in the spring.

Dress | H&M
Oxfords | Deichmann
Dotted Tights 
| Lindex
Nail Polish | NYC Mint Macaroon
Lipstick | L'Oréal Paris Magnetic Coral 373

What do you love about spring?

Love life,

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